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Pump and motor form a single unit, firmly attached by suction body. Engines are designed to operate with a water temperature of up to 30 ° C.

Characteristics and use of our pumps and motors

The water inlet section is protected by a stainless steel strainer to prevent passage of large particles. The ends of the rotor shaft and pump are connected by a rigid stainless steel coupling. The torque is given by means of a wedge.

The centrifugal pump operates normally upright, Pumps can operate at any point on its characteristic curve without overloading their respective motores.and can also operate horizontally. A threaded check valve installed in the upper part of the pump, form an integral part of the unit.

Bomba y motor NeumannPump and motor skills Neumann for small flow pumps have radial impellers in Noryl materials. For higher capacity flows are made of semi-axial impellers bronze.

The radial bearings on all motors are stainless steel (AISI431) in rotor hubs and carbon caps on the bodies.

Submersible motors are AC asynchronous squirrel cage rotor and shorted. The circulation of water inside the motor operates as a cooling agent and as a lubricant in the bearings. This system ensures an intensive transfer of heat from the engine to the surrounding environment.

Sello silicioAll motors are protected with mechanical seals of silicon carbide to prevent entry of sand into the engine. The axial load is absorbed by a bearing type "Kingsbury" installed at the bottom of the unit.

The axial disc (pivot bearing disc) has a special surface coating. This part transmits axial load bronze six segments, each of which sits on a stainless steel ball to ensure a suitable position for reception of axial load.

Three phase motors AC are manufactured for different voltage and frequency ranges. Engine starting may be performed directly from the power line, depending on the capacity of the distribution network.

The cable connection is the submersible type pumps, flat and flexible for easy handling. Take three insulated conductors of different colors for identifying standardized phases. The outer covering of the set is made of PVC, which ensures excellent protection against water and mechanical damage.

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