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All our products are designed by German specialists manually "on the drawing board" in its first stage. The original design calculations and your motor or pump are Laboratorio de Pruebassupervised by a team of experts in their field.

Computer are subsequently made the necessary adjustments according to the conditions prevailing in Mexico, using programs like Autocad and CAM mold casting. Our design department original (Autocad) applied the finishing touch to your product perfecting every detail for CNC machining in our high-tech facilities.

The most vital parts for the optimal performance of each pump and motor NEUMANN include mechanical seals and bearings, silicon carbide, stainless steel AISI 431 Sello silicioSeal arrows siliciolas pumps and engine bearings coal.

The tools for machining (CNC) and calibrators used therein are certified by the International Industrial Standard (ISO).

The set of high-tech ingredients and perfection achieved in manufacturing each product NEUMANN makes a high yield investment for your business.

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